A Healthy Menu, Organic Soaps, Gorgeous Lighting: This Cafe Is Also A Shop For All Things Artisanal

Go Native, a lifestyle store meets community space, is a host to sustainable, local brands, along with a rooftop restaurant.

Brand Conscious

Creating an awareness on sustainable living, Go Native is a space that leads by example — by showcasing ethical brands. Familiar brands include Bare Necessities (known for their zero-waste products such as straws, soaps and detergent) and Anantaya (a concept store with unique knick-knacks). Go native also houses niche and local brands such Coconess; which brings out the health benefits of coconuts through their chemical-free skin and hair care. We also love their range of Arture wardrobe accessories (known for their vegan & natural accessories such as wallets, bags and more).

How Green Is My Valley?

Hidden in the suburbs of Jayanagar, Go Native is situated in a huge two storey bungalow covered in greenery. The interiors are earthy with soft lighting — each corner is created with a dash of style and space. The first floor has a boutique that entices you with vintage cupboards, cabinets, intricate jewellery and beautiful silk hair pins.

Farm To Fork

The restaurant at Go Native is minimalist in ambience, with an al-fresco balcony seating area and a menu with a twist. Most dishes in the menu are dependent on the availability of seasonal and local ingredients. But you can expect delicious munchies such as the Aloo Patha Bhindi Chaat and Bisibelebath Fritters. We are also bookmarking their Yam Galouti, Kathal biryani and millet pancakes. The restaurant also has some light and healthy breakfast dishes too.

Come Together

Aside from a beautiful space and delicious rooftop restaurant, Go Native also has your health in mind with a fitness studio all set for yoga, tai chi and pilates. Go Native is working hard on creating a calendar of events filled with workshops and events, so that you can be part of their community.


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