Free Bird Ring

Free Bird Ring

Free Bird Ring

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Free as a bird ring is a representation of your freedom from limits on thought or behaviour. The intricate design of the bird adds elegance, while the wings set you free! It is adjustable and hugs your fingers with comfort.(SOLD AS SINGLE PIECE)

Bhavya Ramesh is a naturalist and a bohemian before adding any other profession to her. Being a self taught Jewelry Designer, she strongly believes that choosing the road less traveled has made all the difference. Over the years, she has developed a love for culture, colour and life that sparks from jewellery



Every piece is designed and crafted by hand. Any unevenness in texture or embroidery is not a defect, but a characteristic of the handmade product and a part of the process, that makes it unique.

We do not mass produce our jewellery- each piece is specially crafted for you.

We will dispatch your box of happiness within a 5-15 dasy of your order being placed.