Lavelle Kitchen-Details




The ambience in our Lavelle Store restaurant has been designed to bolster the creative side in all of us!

Orchestrated with green canopies, warm chandeliers and handmade decor, our open, breezy rooftop at Lavelle is the perfect place to put on your thinking cap and be productive.

Furnished with a coffee bar by HumbleBean, we have delicious brews of coffee with interesting blends - all set to meet your daily dose of caffeine!

Working with small and medium sized coffee growers, Humble Bean strives to bring in coffees from different parts of India, to allow our coffee growers to get their coffee into mainstay home brewing. 

Known for their immersive experience of manual brewing of coffee, come and savour this cupful of flavour at our Lavelle road restaurant. A toast to our local producers - try our range of delicious wine cocktails, infused with herbs and fresh fruits. 

Sourced from our country's finest vineyards, our wine cocktails are a celebration of everything local, using native ingredients and seasonal flavours to create a novel wine experience.