Sadashivanagar Kitchen-Details




From grain and vegetables to clothing and decor, the choices we make impact the world around us. 

Our sadashivanagar outlet has been the result of new collaborations and newer crafts, through which we explore creativity, art and conscious living. One of the many things we tried to build into this outlet, is our love for diverse forms of textiles found across India. 

Blue skies, light Bangalore an breeze and a touch of antique - reminding us of the importance of surrounding ourselves with neutral, calming and natural decor. 

We took our inspiration and philosophy, and transformed them into a textile installation - a representation of all the stories and the hands that have woven it. The installation stands for the journey, the origin of fabrics, the individuals who weave them and how it becomes a part of our lives and finally, makes its way back into the earth. 

Under the same roof, we have Kaiyare’s handmade collection of home accessories made from banana plant fibre and handwoven line of apparel, beautifully stitched by the women artisans of Kabini.

Come, explore the world of conscious living at Go Native’s Sadashivanagar outlet.