Whitefield Kitchen-Details




The newest addition to our Bangalore chain, the Whitefield outlet, offers a seamless dining and shopping experience. 

We like being closer to Mother Earth. This outlet has been architected to preserve the raw and real beauty of quaint Bangalorean buildings, using the green canopy and the Bangalorean sky as our colour palettes. 

 Fashioned around the concept of conscious living, our outlet is set to help you discover choices that are gentle on you and the Earth. 

 The Whitefield store also houses the fun and interactive initiative, Build A Blouse, by Ende. 

Create your own, unique, prized outfit by choosing from a wide range of handwoven patterns, handloom textures, shades, styles and sleeves. 

Break away from default fits and sizes, with Build-A-Blouse, and personalise your attire with details that resonate with you. 

To enhance the process of building your own blouses, we have an interactive wall adorned with our fabrics and silhouettes for you to touch, feel and connect with, at Whitefield. 

We want custom-made clothing to be beautiful, rewarding and affordable!