Assam pan roasted Green Tea

Assam pan roasted Green Tea

Assam pan roasted Green Tea

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Explore a whole new dimension of flavours with Pan roasted green tea from Ziro.

Sip on the light green brew of this handcrafted whole leaf tea any time of the day.

Pan roasting is an ancient Chinese technique for arresting oxidation.

Pan roasting cuts the vegetal or grassy notes of green tea disliked by many. While all the benefits of green tea remain intact, the taste profile of Pan Roasted Green Tea takes on a whole new dimension.

The sweet after taste lingers on, making the experience of drinking green tea a delightful one.

How To Brew:

1 tsp measuring around 2 grams is what you need to brew 200 ml of tea.

Depending on how strong or mild you prefer your brew, your quantity may vary between 1.5 to 2.5 grams.

This would need a few iterations and you will know the quantity that’s best for you.