Avocado Mousse Body Butter

Avocado Mousse Body Butter

Avocado Mousse Body Butter

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Infused with rich hydrators such as mango butter and avocado milk, this hydrating body butter intensely moisturises dry skin.

Mango butter is super nourishing & protects against UV rays.

Rich in Vitamin A, C & E, it’s the best treat to fight skin wrinkles.

This Avocado Mousse body butter penetrates deep into the skin to give our body that long-lasting nourishment it needs!

Anour believes, ‘what you put on your skin Is as important as what you eat’.

Just as you eat food to nourish your body on the inside, Anour uses the same food to nourish the skin from the outside.

Made with natural and chemical-free ingredients, Anour's bath and body products are designed to make you feel YOU and be at YOUR best.

Cruelty free, Paraben free, Sulfate free.