Azar Vintage Distressed Gold Platter

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Product Description

This multi-functional platter makes for a beautiful base to hold small accessories around the house. Your favorite succulents, some tea-lights, a dainty accent piece and those sea-shells you picked up on your last trip to the beach- set them around on this textured  platter to create your own curated displays. This platter can also be used for serving fruits & dry snacks.  Made in pure Aluminum and treated with lacquer, this piece is durable, water resistant and not prone to rusting.

* Every piece is individually made by hand and is unique. Small variations in color, pattern, finish, weight and form are part of the hand-crafted look and aesthetics of the product.  

size: 30 cms x 30 cms x 3.5 cms

1- 3 days to dispatch

Azar Vintage Distressed Gold Platter

Azar Vintage Distressed Gold  Platter

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