Bakhoor Incense Sticks

Bakhoor Incense Sticks

Bakhoor Incense Sticks

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Experience the calm and serenity with these luxurious handmade incense sticks.

Helps invoke emotions of peace, happiness and confidence - these sticks are crafted with organic ingredients and dipped in natural essential oils.

Used in Aromatherapy, Bakhoor incense sticks are safe to breathe and have calming therapeutic properties.

These Agarbatti (incense) sticks are handcrafted from recycled flowers sourced from worship places and dipped in natural essential oils. The items are curated with love, faith and 100% organic material.

Religious places in India discard over 2 million tons of floral and bio-degradable waste every day. The team at Nirmalaya Fragarances embarked on a mission to curate a solution on how to salvage this waste. The idea was to preserve the faith of the devotees offering these flowers at religious places and also to re-create valuable products from it that could again be used in religious places.

Nirmalaya's endeavours include-

Recycling sacred flowers which helps reduce river pollution Uplifting the status of women by providing them employment opportunities

Reducing the ill effects of chemical-based products

100% charcoal free, safe to breathe 30 sticks per pack

Every natural fragrance contains certain properties which purify the air and induce good vibes in your surroundings.