Beemade Tropical Blossom Honey

Beemade Tropical Blossom Honey

Beemade Tropical Blossom Honey

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A concoction of tropical flowers, Beemade Tropical Blossom Honey is used as a versatile ingredient to boost immunity and add flavour to your meals.

The bees get the nectar from a variety of fruit-bearing trees like mango, pomegranate, pineapple & even from damask rose in the backyard of many homes in Kerala.

BonneTerre Foods wants to change how you think about food. They farm & work with like minded farmers to deliver a food experience that respects our planet.

BonneTerre offers a huge range of finest natural produce such as Honey, Spices, Rice, Millets, Jaggery, Oils, Fruits, Vegetables. They work with a large network of farmers to bring you a wide range of the best produce and encourage sustainable farming.

There's nothing better than eating food that tastes the way it's supposed to!

How To Use: Make this honey a part of your daily intake and enjoy it with parathas and toasts, or include it in your preparation of lemonade, salad dressings, sauces and more. So go ahead, buy a bottle of 100% natural tropical honey and add some sweetness to your diet!