Chip & Dip Calendon

Chip & Dip Calendon

Chip & Dip Calendon

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Freshly launched, our collection of home decor is called The Serene Edit.

Designed to be highly functional and unique, this chip & dip set has been carefully crafted by skilled studio potters from Mysore.

The colour palette has been consciously kept neutral and minimal, to blend with your surroundings and give you a sense of comfort and belonging.

Dine at home with visually appealing hand-glazed ceramic tableware that are easy to clean, stain-resistant and smell-resistant.

Fill up your home with good vibes and sublime aesthetics with unique decor, exquisitely built with natural metals, healing stones, hand-crocheted banana plant fibre, locally sourced clay, ethically grown bamboo and other elements that help create a calming aura.

Go Native's range of handmade decor has been designed to brighten up your favourite nook and convert yoour house into a home.

Align your surroundings to your mood with our sustainable, classic and elegant home decor items - perfect for gifting to yourself or someone special.