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Festive season helps bring life to a state of exuberance and enthusiasm - a celebration of life! Season's gifts are one of the many ways to express love, bonding, affection and appreciation.

A joyful time to show our gratitude for the bountiful harvest, the seasonal produce, for maintaining harmony, peace and happiness.

Curated lovingly for the ones who love the nght sky and star gazing, this gift box contains:

Hand-carved Marble Condiment Holder
Wholesome Cashews and Almonds
Luxurious Bean-to-bar Chocolates
Antique Brass Aroma Candles

Conscious gifting allows you to spread the happiness with sustainable, eco-friendly and artisanal products that are thoughtfully crafted just for you.

Nothing exhibits festive cheer and spirit more than a thoughtful, handpicked personalized gift box from Go Native.

Spread the joy from afar with unique custom designed gift boxes!

Delivered to your doorstep with a thoughtful note - we ensure a minimal carbon footprint passage for our gift boxes with biodegradable packaging.