Herbal Shampoo- 500 ml

Herbal Shampoo- 500 ml - Go-Native Store

Herbal Shampoo- 500 ml

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A no-nonsense herbal shampoo made with chosen herbs that have been used in traditional recipes of haircare from ancient times. The herbs have been grown and handpicked in natural farms at the Western ghats.

A blend of soapnut, shikakai, neem, tulsi, brahmi, aloevera, hibiscus and Bhringaraj - boiled, blended and packed in a no-plastic container, this shampoo was not born out of chemicals nor will harm the hair, scalp or the immediate environment around it.

This shampoo helps fight dandruff, makes the hair smooth and healthy, and reduces hair fall.

Native circle is a conscious effort to go back to the original values and traditions which once shaped the value system of India.

Their products help evolve a community of producers and consumers that revolve around natural and organic ecosystems.

Clean and natural products made with rare herbs from the Western Ghats, based on Ayurvedic and native ingredients - sourced ethically through sustainable solutions.