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Handwoven Kanchipuram saree with a mustard yellow-green border, purple-red pallu and tasseled ends.

A 150 years old tradition, Kanchipuram sarees are purely hand woven from processed silk yarn and zari.

Weaving looms are built-in in each home, usually by the weaver himself/herself because the measurements need to be perfect and a single misplaced/misaligned part can lead to an imperfect final output.

The time taken to finish one saree is approximately 1 week depending on good weather conditions, because the silk threads along with the woven saree need to be dried after washing with starch. Even the handloom machine absorbs the moisture and may not give the desired result. Every year for a month, weavers do not have a livelihood due to the rains.

Stands for "mine" in Malayalam, in its most loving form, Ende festive collection shows the connect between the wearer and her prized piece of nine yards of grace..

Fabric: Handwoven cotton

Size: Standard Saree Length with running blouse piece

Gently hand wash in cold water, and air dry the saree in shade. Iron in medium heat only.

Every piece is designed and crafted by hand. Any unevenness in texture or embroidery is not a defect, but a characteristic of the handwoven product and a part of the process, that makes it unique. We do not mass produce our clothes- each piece is specially tailored for you.

We will dispatch your box of happiness within 5- 15 days of your order being placed.