Menstrual Cup

Menstrual Cup

Menstrual Cup

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This cup is a great start for new users and a wonderful upgrade for those already using cups - incredibly soft and made of 100% biocompatible medical-grade silicone.

8-10 Hours of No-Leak Comfort: Swim, dance, exercise; do whatever you want to do. The menstrual cup allows you to forget that you're on your period, with no worry of leaks.

Economical: An extremely cost-effective option, a menstrual cup can last you for 10 years (though we recommend switching to a new one every 3-5 years). So, you don't have to worry about buying period supplies month-on-month.

A menstrual cup is the most eco-friendly option available. Since it's reusable & lasts for years, it saves the waste generated from disposing sanitary pads & tampons.

Every menstruating human deserves to bleed with dignity. Unfortunately, this normal biological process that unifies us beyond caste, creed, colour, or race, becomes an obstacle for many young girls in India.

They are forced to drop out of school, restricted from participating in sports, prohibited from going out of the house, & termed impure in the eyes of God for "those five days". Restricted knowledge about menstruation and the many taboos associated with it, are a major contributor in propagating this regressive mindset. And this is what Caremsi is trying to change with Unified in Red.

They partner with like-minded NGOs to organise workshops on Menstrual Health, which gives them an avenue to change people’s mindset about Periods. They also donate pads to girls in need, educate them about their bodies, teach them good hygiene practices, & encourage open conversations around menstruation.

Made of 100% Biocompatible Medical-Grade Silicone