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Handwoven, lustrous Banarasi saree in biscuit colour embellished with organza, kadwa buta.

Handwoven Banarasi Silk

Size: Standard Saree Length

Birthed from the belief that there is no apparel more classy and comfortable than a saree, through Endé, our dream was to make sarees more accepted and loved by women in their 20s and 30s - not just an occasional garment borrowed from our mothers, but something that we make space for in our own wardrobes.

Endé’s sarees are handwoven by skilled weavers from Bengal, Kota, Chanderi, Maheshwari, Mangalgiri, Chettinad and Banaras - heirlooms for the millennial generation at affordable and accessible price points.

Known for the embellished zari work, Banarasi sarees can be traced back to the Vedic times.

Zari threads used in a Banarasi saree are flattened thin metallic strips drawn from gold alloys, wound around silk yarns and brightened to increase their sheen.

Each Banarasi saree is woven by 2-3 weavers simultaneously in a traditional pit loom, often taking almost 4-5 weeks to make a single drape.