Else Wear Earwear - 3

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Else Wear Earwear - 3

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Collection Nocturne is evocative of night. It invites into the ÔKingdome of mothsÕ in which each piece acts as an oxymoron combining dual manifestation distilled in one single essence. Inspired by strong contrast, defined edges and popping binaries each piece invites into its pensive yet fugitive sense of nowhere-ness.

Dookdi is a brand that makes metal wearables in contemplation. With an inclination towards slight distortions and Playing with binaries, Dookdi celebrates the duality of existence itself..

Brass, lacquer finish

Size: 1.75 X 0.75

Dookdi loves living surfaces, they keep changing.

* All Dookdis are consciously divergent; they are similar but not same. * All items are lacquer finished. * Keep away from direct contact with moisture /water. * Patinas/oxides are meant to kept dry. * Enamel can shatter or crack if dropped just as glass. * For best, keep stored in the package provided when not worn * Avoid spraying perfume on pieces. * These are very delicate handcrafted pieces, handle them with love. * Do not store under weight. Ê.