Ricochet Long Earclip

Ricochet Long Earclip

Ricochet Long Earclip

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Handcrafted quirky statement pieces that celebrate the free spirited folks of the world.

Uniquely handcrafted in 92.5 Sterling Silver, this earclip has two spheres ricochet within the ring - to signify the collision of the mind and heart.

Only available in a clip-on version (can be worn on left or right ear).

A women-led brand, Quirksmith is known for their innovative, dainty and creative silver jewellery that embodies your emotion.

What started as a passion project by two sisters, is today a growing brand recognized for designs that stand out in a crowd.

Through their work, they’ve created employment for over 50 artisans and their families across India.

Quirksmith makes jewelry that has a piece of you. It is not meant to decorate you. It has nostalgia for the past and aspirations of the future.

Material: 92.5 silver

Weight: 5.5 gms (exact weight may vary slightly)) 

Avoid spraying perfume directly on the jewellery. Keep away from direct and prolonged contact with water. Store in a tight ziplock when not in use. Do not store under weight of other products.