Rose & Geranium Soap

Rose & Geranium Soap

Rose & Geranium Soap

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Handcrafted, luxurious soaps great for the skin and hair.

Rose & Geranium Soap is made up of heavenly scented rose extracts infused with the goodness of Geranium flower oil which hydrate and revitalize the skin along with reducing the wrinkles and toning the body muscles.

The soft lather formed gives the skin a beautiful nourishing experience.

Geranium is known to enhance the skin texture and the extra loaded cocoa butter in this soap smoothens your entire skin. Moreover, the sweet fragrance of Geranium and rose oil helps uplift your mood, lessen fatigue and promote emotional wellness.

Pamper yourself with a long bath with our fragrant and nourishing handmade soaps, infused with naturally extracted ingredients.

Elements Body Works is a premium wellness brand offering a variety of handcrafted and hand-cut soaps in a variety of unique fragrances for an enriching bath experience and healthier skin!