Spiral Pod Ring

Spiral Pod Ring

Spiral Pod Ring

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Collection ÔBiophonyÕ is a celebration of a mysterious symphony of our collective co-existence. It is a cumulative song of the universal memory of sounds of biome. The pieces carry a hint of the abstracted identity of the creatures they are inspired from.

Dookdi is a brand that makes metal wearables in contemplation. With an inclination towards slight distortions and Playing with binaries, Dookdi celebrates the duality of existence itself..

Brass, lacquer finish

Size: 1 diameter

Dookdi loves living surfaces, they keep changing.

* All Dookdis are consciously divergent; they are similar but not same. * All items are lacquer finished. * Keep away from direct contact with moisture /water. * Patinas/oxides are meant to kept dry. * Enamel can shatter or crack if dropped just as glass. * For best, keep stored in the package provided when not worn * Avoid spraying perfume on pieces. * These are very delicate handcrafted pieces, handle them with love. * Do not store under weight. Ê.