Striped Large Tote Bag

Striped Large Tote Bag

Striped Large Tote Bag

Regular price ₹ 2,700.00

Large tote bag handmade from banana fibre and unbleached cotton yarn and crocheted by the women in Kabini.Ê It is lined with handwoven cotton and has a drawstring closure. The bag is made to order and will be shipped within 5-7 working days.

ಬೇರು | Béru Inspired by tropical living, Kaiyare's new collection of banana fibre bags are hand-crocheted by the women of Kabini.

Material: Banana fiber, Lined with handwoven cotton

Dimension: 15"x14"

Closure: Drawstring closure

Every piece is designed and crafted by hand. Any unevenness in texture or embroidery is not a defect, but a characteristic of the handwoven product and a part of the process, that makes it unique. We do not mass produce- each piece is specially tailored for you. We will dispatch your box of happiness within 5- 15 days of your order being placed.