Sunset Meal Coasters (Set of Four)

Sunset Meal Coasters (Set of Four)

Sunset Meal Coasters (Set of Four)

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An ideal choice for those looking to invest in sustainable kitchenware for their homes!

Keep your table protected with these beautiful palm leaf coasters.

These coasters (set of 4) are handmade to be durable - perfect for both special occasions, as well as, regular use.

Palm weaving is the folding and weaving of strips of palm leaves by hand.

Our palm leaf products are made by a community-based cooperative of women in rural Tamil Nadu.

 The idea is simple: Be good to Yourself, Your Home and the Earth.

Fill up your home with good vibes and sublime aesthetics with unique decor, exquisitely built with natural metals, healing stones, hand-crocheted banana plant fibre, locally sourced clay, ethically grown bamboo and other elements that help create a calming aura.

Go Native's range of handmade decor has been designed to brighten up your favourite nook and convert your house into a home.

Align your surroundings to your mood with our sustainable, classic and elegant home decor items - perfect for gifting to yourself or someone special.

Palm Leaf.


Wipe gently with a wet cloth.