Vetiver Water Facial Toner

Vetiver Water Facial Toner

Vetiver Water Facial Toner

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Steam distilled from the roots of vetiver plant obtained from Rajasthan, this Organic Vetiver Water/Hydrosol is edible grade - and is completely free from additional chemicals or preservatives.

Vetiver is cool in nature and excellent for dry skin. It also helps battle premature ageing, acne and scars.

The earthy aroma of vetiver water calms the mind and adds a touch of freshness to your day!

Farm-to-face. 100% farmed and sourced locally.

Vilvah is a sustainable skincare brand using the freshest ingredients and committed to supporting the organic family of farmers. All Vilvah products are are from the ground up, handmade with only the finest and freshest ingredients. Made with a concoction of natural and organic agricultural produce, carrier oils, essential oils and butter, their products are pure and chemical free.

Spray directly on to your face to hydrate (can be used as many times in a day).

Consume orally to treat the acidity or burning sensation associated with heat in the body.

This can be used as a chemical-free after-shave mist for men.