Our Story

What’s good for the world, is good for you

And that’s the simple truth. We help you make conscious choices for your needs and your wants. For your home and this incredible planet, we all call home. 

From the source

We started in Jayanagar with a farm-to-table cafe and a small shop for mindful alternatives to fast and mass produced items. Very quickly, we understood that true sustainability must begin at the source. From material-to-method and production-to-packaging, Go Native takes responsibility to ensure every step of the journey is gentle on the planet, fair to the makers and fulfilling, for those who choose to make a difference in how they consume. 

A better way

We set out to find alternatives that align with our values. The further we went down this path, the closer to home we found ourselves. At Go Native, we source all our produce within a 500 km radius, directly from organic farmers cooperatives. Going beyond us being just a marketplace, we collaborate closely with like-minded designers to create products that we have felt a need for. 

We are still the sustainable neighbourhood store and restaurant that we were — now, with an online shop so you don’t have to go far to find a better way.

Honestly handcrafted

Everything that requires the use of hands isn’t handcrafted. We only say handcrafted, when we truly mean it, especially for our range of apparel that’s exclusively woven on handlooms, or, our jewellery that is meticulously shaped by pure skill honed over decades, or, our woven grass accessories that involve days of non-mechanised processing and intricate weaving. 

Unpackaging the future 

We have done away with single-use plastic. Our direct-from-farmer programme, enables a plastic-free journey for all our food. We use natural ingredients for everything, from food to personal care. We consider the carbon footprint of even natural products — coconut sugar is over jaggery and honey, both of which are over white sugar. We aim for waste negative products. Natural means exactly that, certifications included. 

Every purchase is a choice. We help you make it, transparently.