Garden of Lilies

It is time for our wardrobes to shift with the season - shed away the heavier winter layers and switch to light, breezy hues. Known as the season where nature comes alive to burst into colours, spring is symbolic of everything fresh, new and hopeful.

What better to lounge in, than everlasting handwoven drapes in pastel shades that celebrate the powerful history of the Indian saree. At Go Native, we have an exquisite range of handwoven sarees, woven with traditional craftsmanship that celebrates indigenous artisans, as well as, the wearer!

Garden of Lilies by Endé


Garden of Lilies, our Spring Summer Collection, has been inspired by the French Impressionist painter, Claude Monet. Handwoven by different artisan clusters from Chanderi, Bengali, Maheshwari, Kota and Mangalgiri - these drapes are adorned floral motifs and intricate zari threadwork to exude grace & comfort.

Claude Monet is applauded for his rejection of the traditional approach and his keen eye for the variations of color and light caused by the seasonal changes.


It is this change in seasonality that we have tried to capture with our handwoven drapes in playful shades of summer. The shades of the sarees are a reflection of the vivid colours of Monet’s bold & fierce brush strokes.

Presenting to you Garden of Lilies, our fresh & jubilant collection of handwoven drapes - perfect for a sunny day!




ENDÉ arose from the love for all things handloom; to co-create, curate, design and uplift. Stands for "mine" in Malayalam, in its most loving form, Endé’s collection shows the connect between the wearer and her prized piece of six yards of grace.