Ajrakh is a block-printed textile that is resist-dyed using natural dyes, including indigo & madder. It is distinguished by its color- blue with red - & its complex geometric & floral patterns.

Ajrakh is a proud emblem of the nomadic, pastoral community called Khatri, in & around Kutch.

Ajrakh artisans

The craftsmen work in total harmony with their environment, where the sun, river, animals, trees & mud are all part. Even after the widespread industrialization, the traditional craft of Ajrakh, its long & skilled process & complex geometric patterns have still survived.

The nature plays an important role in the making of Ajrakh.The making of an Ajrakh is like witnessing creation unfold. The constant sound of the wooden block being imprinted with force onto the table echoes and sounds almost like a heart beating. It indicates that the craft is still going strong.

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